The chart above plots days inventory based on the annual sales rate. It is based on all ARMLS residential sales within Greater Phoenix (i.e. it excludes out of area listings). You can select which cities and ZIP codes should be included, which dwelling types (single family, condo or mobile) and which transaction types (normal, REO, short, HUD). You can also select any combination of price ranges. Thus there are thousands of different combinations so you can create exactly the chart you want.

UCB listings are excluded from the active counts. Measurements are taken weekly on each Saturday.

This chart allows you to compare the current days of inventory with the running average for the selected filters. In this way you can check for each market segment how the market balance compares with the recent history for that segment.

In general, if the current reading is above the running average then the market is cooler than average, favoring buyers. If it is below the running average then it is hotter than average, favoring sellers.

Since days inventory is a slow moving measurement, the trend is as signficant as the absolute value.

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