Learn About Tableau

The map above shows the active listings within Maricopa and Pinal County, color coded by list price range.

This map can be useful for understanding the geographic dispersion of the supply and where certain price ranges are concentrated.

The active listings are downloaded every day at about 7:15 each morning. What is displayed depends on a number of filters shown at the right of the chart.

You can select which dwelling types (single family, condo, mobile) should be included. You can also filter by special listing condition (Normal, REO, Short or HUD) or any combination of these.

You can also limit the active listings to exclude UCB if you wish, and you can select specific price ranges and set a maximum and/or minimum sq. ft. of living space.

You can zoom in or out using the controls at the top left.

If you hover over a specific dot, data about that listing will appear.

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